Swimrun Hydra 2019

Nov 01, 2019 — Nov 30, 2019 • Category: Events

Who said that you cannot swim in the Greek sea waters during winter? Swimrun Hydra is the perfect opportunity for those who are not afraid!
A SwimRun is a multiple-stage competition that involves a pair of athletes running and swimming tied together with a rope. In SwimRun Hydra 2019 we will have two distances:

  • Initiation to SwimRun 9,4 (Swim 0,6k | Run 4k | Swim 0,9k | Run 3,9k)
  • Core Distance SwimRun 23,6 (Swim 1,5k | Run 5,5k | Swim 1,7k | Run 7,8k | Swim 2,6k | Run 4,5k)

Athletes may use special swimming equipment like paddles or pull buoys and wear shoes during running. Each piece of equipment has to be carried throughout the race.
If you want to live this experience visit www.swimrunhydra.com and find more!

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