Miaoulia Festival

Jun 15, 2018 — Jun 24, 2018 • Category: Events
How about taking part in a traditional Greek Festival this year? We may have an interesting recommendation for you…
Miaoulia Festival is the biggest festival of Hydra island and is celebrated every year in honor of the Admiral Andreas Miaoulis, a historical figure of the Greek revolution of 1821.
During the Festival many events, such as exhibitions, lectures, theatrical performances, folk dances and sports games take place. Perhaps, one of the most interesting events of the festival is the representation of the Battle and the burning of the Turkish frigate by the Hydriots. We bet you haven't seen anything like this before!
What's more, the festival ends in the most spectacular way possible: a fireworks show!
So, this summer be part of something unique!
Find out more about Miaoulia Festival here: www.hydra.gr.