Inspired by Hydra

Jun 16, 2007 — Sep 30, 2007 • Category: Events

An exhibition of the paintings of the renowned Greek artist Panayiotis Tetsis is being held at the historical Pavlos Koundouriotis mansion on Hydra until September, 30th. The paintings on display, representing a selection of the older and newer works of the artist, illustrate Tetsis' fascination with color and the special kind of light that falls on the Greek islands.
Panayiotis Tetsis was born in 1925 on Hydra. His childhood and early teenage years were spent on the island. The beauty of its seascapes and the unique tints of light that fall on Hydra made, and still make, an indelible impression on his aesthetic sensibility.
The exhibition was inaugurated on the 82nd birthday of Panayiotis Tetsis, in the presence of his friends and students. The paintings of Tetsis on display reveal his post-impressionistic view of Hydra, a visual narration of life on his beloved island. Many critics regard Tetsis as an authentic exponent of the post-impressionistic seascape tradition.