1st Trimore Swimrun Hydra 2017

Event from Nov 19, 2017 until Nov 19, 2017
Category: Events
Posted by: Greeka on Oct 11, 2017
Trimore team in conjunction with the Municipality of Hydra and Hydra’s Nautical Club is organizing the first ever SwimRun competition in Greece, which will be part of a three day sport and cultural event.
The SwimRun competition involves many stages where participants’ are expected to swim and run alternatively during the race and have to carry the equipment they start off with to the finish line. It is a competition of strength, stamina and team work.
Taking into consideration the special requirements of this competition and of course the safety of the participants, it has been decided that November is the best month for the race to take place.
Starting Date: 17th November at 12:00
Finishing Date: 19th November at 23:00

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