Hydra Puppet Festival

The International Puppet Festival of Hydra, in the Saronic: The International Puppet Festival of Hydra is a tradition for this beautiful island. It is organized in July and has always something new to present. This festival does not address only to local and Greek artists, but puppeteers from the entire world take place and present their performances.

The Puppet Festival is organized with the contribution and cooperation of the Municipality of Hydra, the Hydra Cinema Club, and the Austrian and Swedish Embassies. Mr. Meske, director of the Swedish Marionette Theatre and creator of the Hydra Puppet Festival, invites many performers to take part.

The performances are different every summer and are mostly inspired by popular fables or plays. Some of the puppet groups to have participated in the Festival are the Bulgarian State Puppet Theatre, the Swedish Black Cat Company, the Oyo Theatre from Burkina Faso, Africa, the Greek Grey Box, and the French Companie Turbul.

UPDATE (July 2014): Sadly the International Puppet Festival of Hydra is not organized anymore for some years now. There are efforts by the local municipality and the Cinema Club of Hydra to revive this festival, but for the moment it does not take place.