Agistri Magiza beach

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General information

Magiza beach Agistri: Mariza is one of the beaches in Agistri where one can enjoy solitude and privacy.  It is situated north of Aponissos and can be accessed by a beautiful footpath starting from Agios Nikolaos cemetery, after 10 minutes walk.

Magiza beach enjoys the most characteristic features of Agistri's beaches. Its shore consists basically of a thin pebbled strip, while the stunning blue of the waters, combined to the strong surrounding greenery forms a dreamed landscape. The fact of being secluded usually gives it a vibe of 'lost paradise', ideal for escaping from the daily pressures, occupations, and stress that characterise urban life.

Taking all these into account, it is easy to conclude that Magiza beach does not count on any facilities. That is why it would be advisable to take some provisions, like enough food and water, as well as sun-beds or umbrellas, in order to have some level of comfort in spite of the lack of amenities.

However, the fact of being close to Aponissos gives this beach a proper connection that avoids it to be totally secluded. This feature results safe just in case, but at the same time does not compromise the solitude and peace of Magiza. The beach is located 7 km south west of Megalochori, the capital of Agistri.



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