Aegina Wildlife Hospital

Location: Marathon

The Hellenic Wildlife Hospital of Aegina: The Hellenic Wildlife Hospital operates as a rehabilitation center. It is placed on the slopes of a mountain, 1 km to the south-east of Pachia Rachi village. This location presents a very nice environment for a hospital of this type. It opened in 1984 and it is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that cooperates with the public, national and international authorities that have the same aim.

This hospital is proud of being the oldest and largest of this kind in Greece and Southern Europe. This organization is a member of the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, an international scientific organization with its base in California, USA. Its staff is trained and gets informed on seminars, environmental programs and congresses on wildlife protection.

Among the main activities of the Hellenic Wildlife Hospital, we can mention the treatment and rehabilitation of all wildlife Greek species. Although the headquarters are on Aegina island, the hospital has a rich network of volunteers, first aid stations and branches all around Greece. In fact, the hospital treats about 4,000 injured animals every year. Among them, there are many rare and endangered species, such as the Eleonora Falcons, Imperial, and Spotted Eagles, Griffon, Egyptian vultures, and other species. Some of them have been poisoned, while others are orphans and need protection. However, in all cases, the objective is to release them back into their wild environment, healthy and self-assured.

The Hellenic Wildlife Hospital also performs researches on the factors that threaten the rare species and their habitats, such as illegal shooting, trapping, pollution, and habitat destruction. Its activities are also related to providing information on the protection of wildlife to the general public. It has its own quarterly Journal and takes advantage of the multi-media technology. This allows people from all over Greece and abroad to participate in the hospital's activities.

There is also an adoption program, which means that you can adopt an animal giving financial support for its treatment until it is released to its natural habitat. Due to all these activities, this organization received an Athens Academy Award in 1992. It is possible to visit the Hellenic Wildlife Hospital and enjoy a tour with a guide of the organization. You will have the chance to work directly with wild animals, which is certainly a truly unique experience.

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