3rd Half-Marathon of Kostakos Foundation

Jul 16, 2011 — Jul 16, 2011 • Category: Events

The George Kostakos Foundation is organizing the third Aegina Half-Marathon, which will take place on Saturday July 16th, 2011. The run is held as a tribute to the memory of George Kostakos, who originated from Aegina and lost the battle against cancer at the age of 43, in November 2008. He had been an important Broadway actor, play writer and a very charismatic man. Moreover, he has won many medals in gymnastics during the Balkan Games. Route for runners This year's halfmarathon for runners will begin from Agia Marina Square in Aegina Town, following a direction to the cemetery of Mesagros, the rest place of George Kostakos, through the area of Alona. The route heads down to Mesagros Bridge and continues to Souvala-Vagia. The route will head to the village of Vagia to meet the Temple of Aphaia. After a downhill of 3,300 meters, the halfmarathon will finish at the departure point, Agia Marina Square. Route for walkers The route for walkers will be the same except they will not turn left to Vagia village, but they go straight ahead to the Temple of Aphaia. The largest part of the route is covered by a verdurous environment. The runners and walkers will have the chance to enjoy the natural surrounding as well as the historical and religious monuments of the island. There will be people carrying water for all runners and walkers. After the competition, all participants will receive a complementary bag with snacks, juices and fruits. Participation Terms - Registration The supporting fee of 10 euros from the participants comes as a contribution to George Best Kostakos Foundation aiming to build a clinic for children who suffer from brain cancer. After the deadline, forms will not be accepted. Participants have to be present one hour before the start of the run. Prizes 1st Trophy, Diploma and a two-day accommodation for the period of 2011. 2nd Trophy, Medal, Diploma 3rd Trophy, Medal, Diploma All participants (runners-walkers) will receive a medal or diploma and a memorial medallion, a copy of the 1st Marathon. The conferment will be performed in Agia Marina Square. Transport The participants are responsible for their own transport. The registration form must be filled and sent until July 10th, 2011. For the athletes who decide to debark at Aegina port, there will be a bus living in 12:00. After the end of the run, the bus will transfer all participants to the port of Aegina for their departure. Route Starting point: Agia Marina Square Start for runners: 17:30 Start for walkers: 16:30 Terminal: Agia Marina Square