2nd Fistiki Festival

Sep 16, 2010 — Sep 19, 2010 • Category: Events
The 2nd Aegina Fisitiki Festival, the biggest commercial, cultural and leisure event on this beautiful Saronic island, will take place on September 16th-19th. The festival is promoting the unique value of world's best pistachio, the Aegina Fistiki. Although the product is being cultivated on Aegina for about a century only, it has already been protected by law as an exclusive product of the island, a protected name of origin. The festival includes art exhibitions, games, hundreds of gastronomic treats, music, shows, seminars, activities and educational programs for young and old. Along the port, there will be stands selling fistiki products, while art works will be displayed in many businesses around the commercial centre, making Aegina Town a large art gallery. Artists can get into contact with businessmen and arrange the place of exhibition and the works to be exhibited. This festival is turning into an institution for the island and it promotes its very special culture. More than 30,000 people visited the festival last year and even more are expected this year!