Sparti Krokees

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General information

Krokees village in Sparti Greece: Krokees is a small town located about 29 km south east of Sparti. It is the head of the municipality of Krokees and has a rich history that dates back since the ancient times. In the antiquity, Krokees was famous for its mines that produced the Krokean Stone, a beautiful deep green volcanic stone, used to decorate vases, walls and public baths.

In the square of Krokees, you will find a marble fountain with the depiction of Dioskouri, the brothers of Helen of Troy, who were the ancient protectors of the town. Today, Krokees has about 1,300 permanent inhabitants and a beautiful architecture that distinguishes for its red-tiled roofs. Note also that Krokees is the birthplace of an important Greek poet of the 20th century, Nikiforos Vrettakos.



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