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Sparti General reviews
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Powerful atmosphere
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Category: Sparti General

I was very curious to visit Sparti, a place that boasts such an important history. The great architecture, the greenery setting and the ancient town make Sparti a beautiful destination to spend a day or two. The centre is very good with many cafeterias and bars and wonderful paved streets to walk through. It was mostly an educational trip for me, so I couldn't leave without visiting the Archaeological Museum of Sparti. It hosts thousands of exhibits from the most important sanctuaries around Sparti.

At the ancient site, you will be able to see ruins of the ancient theatre of Sparti, the nearby Roman shops and the sanctuary of Artemis Orthia and the site of King Leonidas. Sparti will work like a crossroad and bring you to fabulous places: continue south to Gythio and Diros Caves, west to Kalamata and Kardamili or east to Monemvasia. Wherever you go, you will love the region, so powerful and wild.


Mostly a passage town anymore
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Category: Sparti General

Sparti has nothing more to offer than probably a day's sightseeing. The town is mostly famous for its history and the glorious past, but today it is just like another small town in Greece: all activities are gathered around the centre, which is busy sometimes but it also has interesting parts. Food is very good in Spartiand there is a paved path with cafeterias and shopping stores. Sparti is the only (I think) town in Greece that has been built with an architectural plan, while other Greek towns usually are a mess, with narrow and complicated streets. All hotels in Sparti is close to the central square, which is very ample and impressive. In any case, every corner of Sparti is no more than 20-30 minutes walk from the centre.

The museum of Sparti is small and exhibits are not well-labelled. A town with such history should really have a bigger museum and the ancient site should get better attention. Only 5 km from Sparti, there is Mystras, an abandoned Byzantine town with a fortress on top and nice churches. About 2 km from Mystras, there is Keadas, the famous gorge where the Spartans would throw their disabled children. The goge is closed today but if you approach, you will feel a cool breeze coming out of it. The good thing is that, even though Sparti itself doesn't have many things to do, it is close to other beautiful destinations in Peloponnese, like Gythio, Monemvasia, Kythira, Elafonissos, Kalamata, so I guess it works like a passage town.

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