Initiative for restoration of ancient theatre

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A decision was recently taken concerning the restoration of the ancient theatre of Sparta. This is an initiative of Diazoma, the voluntary group aiming in the restoration of ancient theatres in Greece, and the project will be financed by Stavros Niarchos Foundation with a donation of 111,000 euros. The Roman theatre of Sparta is considered one of the largest theatres of ancient Greece, occupying about 14,000 sq.m. in the acropolis of Sparta. In the antiquity, it could host about 16,000 spectators but today only part of the theatre is shown, as it has not been totally excavated. The total width of the theatre was 114 metres. It had 9 shuttles with 30 lines of seats and also a stoa where spectators could go in case of rain. The scene was wooden at first, but then it was made of stone. Of great interest is that, on a wall on the eastern side of the theatre, there was a marble where people used to write the names of the town's governors every year, keeping thus a stone record of politicians in Sparta. This theatre was abandoned in the 4th century A.D. and in the Middle ages, stones from this monument were used for the contruction of houses and public buildings.