Porto Heli Weather

The climate of Porto Heli is the Mediterranean one, which means that it has hot summers and mild winters. In summer, the average temperatures vary between 30-40˚C. The sun shines for more than 12 hours and the sea brings a light breeze. At night, the atmosphere tends to be cooler and more comfortable.  In September, the temperature tends to descend a couple of grades and the average temperature is around 30-32ºC, which is actually rather hot, too. Decreases in temperatures and the increase of rainfalls start in October and they extend over February. However, even in winter months, temperatures, in general, vary between 7-15ºC. In addition, they count on an average of 10 rainy days each. From March to May, the temperatures in Porto Heli start to increase again and rains are reduced. Spring in Porto Heli is ideal if you want to have a peaceful time because it isn’t as crowded as in summer.