Museums in Porto Heli

There are no museums in Porto Heli and in the villages around it. However, if you are interested in history and archaeology, there are some archaeological sites to visit close by. The archaeological site of Halieis is found at a distance of 5 km from Porto Cheli. This town probably flourished in the 5th and the 4th centuries BC as a naval and trade base. Excavations there started in 1959 and continued till 1968.

Archaeologists revealed ancient fortifications and marinas of a port. This town is today submerged and can be seen from the sea surface. About a 1-hour drive from Porto Heli, there is also the archaeological site of Epidaurus, one of the most famous ancient sites in Greece. It consists of an Archaeological Museum and an ancient theatre, the best-preserved ancient theatre in Greece.

For museums, you can visit the island of Spetses, only 10 minutes by boat from Porto Heli. There, you will find the Museum of Lascarina Bouboulina, the mansion where the famous heroine of the Greek Revolution lived. This mansion has been preserved today and includes many of her personal items and exhibits of the Revolutionary period.

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