Patra Medieval Castle

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Location: Patra

The Medieval Castle of Patra, Peloponnese: The Medieval Castle of Patra is built on the highest spot of the town, right above the Roman Odeon. Constructed on the site of an ancient Acropolis in the 6th century BC, this castle was captured by the Franks, the Byzantines, the Turks, and others. It was continuously in use till the Second World War and it protected the town in times of war and sieges.

The Castle of Patra was initially constructed by the Byzantine emperor Justinian in 551 AD with material from pre-Christian buildings. In 805 AD, the castle protected the inhabitants from a piratic siege and this was considered a miracle of Saint Andrew, the protector of the town. The Crusaders enforced and enlarged the castle in the Medieval century, while later Constantinos Paleologos, the last Byzantine emperor, also did some reformations.

The Castle remained in the hands of the Turks for almost five centuries, till 1828 when the French admiral Maison deliberated it and gave it to the Greeks. The Castle is today open for visit and it has a small theatre where cultural events are held in summer. Its location gives amazing views of the town, the port and the opposite coasts of Sterea.

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