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Best Churches

Location: Patra
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The church of Saint Andrew (Agios Andreas) is the most important church in Patras, as this is the patron saint of the town. This modern church was founded in 1908 by King George I on the site of a former Byzantine chapel that existed there since the 1st century AD. It is said that the church has been built on the site where Saint Andrew, the student of Jesus Christ, was crucified by the Romans in 66 AD. Close to the church, there is the "spring of Saint Andrew", which pours out holy water.

Church of Agia Varvara
Location: Patra

The church of Saint (Agia) Varvara has an active role in the local society, as it frequently organizes meetings of the pilgrims and lectures on religious subjects. The church is impressive and it has been built in the Byzantine style. Inside, it hosts valuable icons and beautiful frescoes depicting saints and scenes from the Bible.

Church of Agios Nikolaos
Location: Patra

The church of Saint (Agios) Nikolaos is present in the history of Patra since the 14th century. However, the present chapel was constructed in 1885 because the former building was destroyed in 1811, when a gunpowder storehouse inside the Castle of Patras exploded.

Best Museums

Location: Patra

Achaia Clauss is one of the oldest and most famous wineries in Greece. For Patras, this is a historical winery as it contributed in the financial developement of the town in the middle 19th century. Founded by the German Gustav Clauss in 1861, the winery produces the best mavrodaphne in Greece, a sweet and strong wine. A part of its establishment is open to visitors, who can see there traditional equipment and ways to produce wine.

Archaeological Museum
Location: Patra

The Archaeological Museum of Patras was recently inaugurated and it is the second biggest museum of Greece. Although the plans for its construction started in the late 1980s, the museum actually opened in July 2009. Built on a plot of 28,000 sq.m., the Archaeological Museum of Patra has an interior space of 8,000 sq.m. and a wonderful yard with pool. The dome is metallic and a cultural park will be created next to the museum in the following years.

Location: Patra

The Folk Art Museum of Patras opened in 1977 by the Cultural Oganization of the town. Its aim is to collect and exhibit photos, clothes, tools and furniture that date from a couple of centuries ago, thus presenting the folk history of the town. Presently, the rooms of the museum are divided in sections about daily life, agricultural tools, home furniture, traditional musical instruments and others.

Best Sightseeing

Located on a hill above the town, the Castle of Patras dates from the Medieval times and remains strong till today. It offers great views of the town and the port. In summer, cultural events are organized there.

The Roman Odeon of Patras was accidentally discovered in 1889 by workers and since then it has been renovated. In summer, it hosts musical concerts and theatrical performances.

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