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Patras Carnival 2024

Jan 20, 2024 — Mar 17, 2024 • Peloponnese, Patra
Every year, Patra hosts the liveliest celebration of the carnival in Greece. Therefore, a plethora of fun events will take place within the city - this year from January 20th up until March 17th.
Posted on Jan 22, 2024 Category: Events
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Patras Half Marathon 2024

Apr 07, 2024 — Apr 07, 2024 • Peloponnese, Patra

The second Patras Half Marathon will host three different races in the city center, namely a 21km race, a 5km sprint, and a 1km race for kids, on the first Sunday of April 2024!

Posted on Dec 12, 2023 Category: Events
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Patras Carnival 2020

Jan 17, 2020 — Mar 02, 2020 • Peloponnese, Patra
Welcome to the most popular carnival celebration in Greece!
Posted on Oct 11, 2019 Category: Events

Patra's International Festival 2019

Jun 05, 2019 — Sep 11, 2019 • Peloponnese, Patra
Patra’s International Festival is one of the top summer cultural events with an international character. 
Posted on Jun 03, 2019 Category: Events

Patras Carnival Festival 2019

Mar 10, 2019 — Mar 10, 2019 • Peloponnese, Patra
The most popular carnival celebration in Greece is about to begin and is expected to be more exciting than ever!
Posted on Jan 11, 2019 Category: Events

Patra’s International Festival

Jun 05, 2018 — Sep 14, 2018 • Peloponnese, Patra
Patra’s International festival is one of the most important cultural events. It has been taking place for the last 32 years in various venues in Patra!
Posted on Jul 19, 2018 Category: Events

Palamas house to be turned into museum

• Peloponnese, Patra
The house in the centre of Patra, where Greek national poet Kostis Palamas was born, was recently sold to a Greek businessman who lives in the USA. The house will be restored and turned into a museum.
Posted on Nov 05, 2014 Category: News

Peak of the Carnival this weekend

• Peloponnese, Patra
The Carnival festivities come to their peak this weekend in Patra Peloponnese, the town that organizes the most famous Carnival in Greece.
Posted on Feb 12, 2010 Category: News

Beginning of carnival festivities

• Peloponnese, Patra
The beginning of the Carnival Celebrations was declared last Saturday in a wonderful feast in the square of King George, Patra.
Posted on Jan 19, 2010 Category: News