New excavations for the Gymnasium

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New excavations have started in the archaeological site of Olympia to unearth a large part of the Gymnasium, the place where the athletes used to practice for the Olympic Games. In particular, according to archaeologists, 50 more metres of this construction will come to light as well as a part of the lodgings of the athletes. Next to the Gymnasium, was the ancient street that the priests, judges and athletes of the Olympic Games would pave to get into the stadium. Very interesting is also the fact that visitors will be able to watch archaeologists on work during these excavations! Few weeks ago, during plumbing works near the building of the International Olympic Academy, the small but important sanctuary of Demeter Haminis was also found. The priestess of this sanctuary was the only woman allowed to attend the ancient Olympic Games and in fact from a special seat in the Stadium. Therefore, it is understood how important this sanctuary was and how competitive was the position of the priestess.