Excavations revealed Ancient Gymnasium

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An important monument was recently excavated in Ancient Olympia, the Gymnasium, that was the training place of athletes who would take part in the Olympic Games. The Gymnasium had the length of an ancient stadium (185.15m) and was excavated by the local Ephorate of Antiquities.

The discovery of this important monument in all its size is a valuable source to understand what was happening in the ancient Olympic Games. Apart from the Gymnasium, part of the Eastern Gallery was also excavated. Antiquities that were discovered include a well hole, two kilns, a part of floor made with ceramic stones and traces of walls from the Roman and the post-Roman periods.

Excavations will continue in order to unearth remains of residences and workshops that date from the 3rd and the 4th century AD. The Western Gallery of the Gymnasium is not survived, as it has probably been drifted by Kladeos River. The Gymnasium of Ancient Olympia has been constructed on a flat landscape at the banks of Kladeos River and was used for the training of the athletes. The building that was discovered dates from the 2nd century BC.