1st Dreamland Music Festival

Jul 25, 2014 — Jul 27, 2014 • Category: Events

The first large festival of electronic music and other cultural events is taking place in Ancient Olympia from July 25th to 27th, 2014. The 3-day Dreamland Festival will take place in a special venue on the side of Alfeios River, as participants will also have the chance to camp with their tents in an organized camping location. The music stage will bring together 30 leading Greek DJs of dance music, who will be accompanied by dance groups performing special shows.
Apart from all day and night music performances, there will also be side events with special focus on environment and volunteerism. Visitors will get informed about many voluntary actions and can take part in interactive workshops on ecology, art and philosophy. In addition, they can practice sports activities at Alfeios River, such as kayaking and rafting, completing this music festival with fun exercise.