Olympia Olympic Flame

The Olympic Flame lighted in Olympia: Ancient Olympia, the original site of the ancient Olympic Games, started with the lighting of the Olympic flame. Even today, this ritual has been continued and indicates the starting of the preparation of each of the Olympic Games. The lighting of the Olympic flame is held several months before the beginning of the Olympics in the actual site of Olympia, near the temple of Hera.

It is thought as a great honor to carry the torch with the Olympic Flame, which symbolizes peace around the universe. The final runner enters the stadium where the opening ceremony of the Olympics is held and lights a giant torch. The Olympic Flame is lit during all the days of the Olympics and is lit out in the closing ceremony.

In ancient times, it was thought that the Olympic Flame was sent by the gods who favored the games. The runners would run all city-states of Greece carrying the message to stop any war fight as the Olympic Games were about to start and inviting all athletes to take part.