Nafplion Local products

The best way to see and taste the traditional products of Nafplion is a visit to the historic town. Nafplion is known for the artichoke cultivations which spread around the beautiful countryside. This vegetable that grows in huge amounts is used in the local recipes of Nafplion. Nafplio has a history of Greek traditional culinary products, based on the local production that is greatly supported in Peloponnese. The wider area of Nafplio produces a wide variety of products that are essential for the healthy Mediterranean diet, including fruits, dairy products, vegetables, and wine.

Nafplion has a rich tradition in home-made pasta and trachanas (made of sour milk and wheat boiled together and then dried in the sun, prepared as a soup) and is also famous for the local pastry workshops. Local treats and home-made sweets can be purchased in the picturesque alleys of the historic town. In the waterfront taverns, you can taste some delicious seafood recipes and home-made dishes.

Very popular in the Old Town of Nafplion is also the worry bead shops. Nafplion has a long tradition in worry beads and you can find beads of many colors and stones. There is even a Worry Bead (Komboloi) Museum in the Old Town.