Nafplio Castle Run 2018

Nov 25, 2018 — Nov 25, 2018 • Category: Events

Have you ever taken part in a castle race?
We bet you haven’t!
Well, this is your chance! The municipality of Nafplio organizes Nafplio Castle run, an event that is a pole of attraction for visitors from all over Greece and a great promotion of the unique historical background of the town.
During this event, the participants will have to accomplish one, not that simple, task: to run up to the famous Palamidi fortress, in Nafplio!
To reach its top, one has to climb 999 steps!
In case you didn't know, the story of the castle is fascinating!
It was built by the Venetians at the beginning of the 19th century and has played a very important role during the years of its existence.
Various races are included in this event so that the athletes can choose between the Castle Run, the 10 km race and the 3 km fun race. As for the little athletes, there is a 1,5 km race available.
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