Mystras Ancient Site

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Ancient Site Mystras: Mystras was the second most important town in the Byzantine times. Today it is an archaeological site with a strong castle and many beautiful churches. It is located 230 south west of Athens and 6 km north west of Sparta. Today the area is deserted whereas several buildings are renovated.

The Byzantine castle town of Mystras has been declared a world heritage site due to the plethora of archeological findings and remarkable monuments found in the wider region. The fortified town lies on the northern slopes of Mount Taygetos and today only remains can be seen including cistern and towers, some stone built mansions and Byzantine churches, the most important being the church of Agios Demetrios and the church of our Lady Hodegetria.

Apart from the important sites of Mystras, the area offers nice hiking paths, gorges and small villages that are worth seeing. A visit at the archeological museum which is housed in the cathedral of Agios Demetrios is the best way to complete your tour at one of the most impressive sites of the world.

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Palace of DespotsCathedral of Agios DemetriosArchaeological MuseumChurch of Agia SofiaChurch of Agioi TheodoroiMonastery of Panagia PerivleptosChurch of Panagia HodegetriaChurch of Panagia Pantanassa



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