6th Olive and Olive Oil Festival

Aug 07, 2009 — Aug 09, 2009 • Category: Events
The 6th Olive and Olive Oil Festival will take place the first weekend of August (7th-9th) in the village of Celassia, about 12 km from Mystras. As the region is rich in olive trees and its olive oil is considered of very high quality, the residents and the municipality of Oinountas have been organizing since 2004 this unique festival to honour and present their olive oil production. There are more than 420,000 olive trees in the region around Mystras and Sparta and many inhabitants make their living exclusively from oil production. That is why they decided to set up this festival and promote their products. The main theme of the festival has to do with the history of olive in Laconia Prefecture, the methods of production, the olive varieties, its ecological importance and quality. The festival in Celassia village will include stands with displays of olive products and books about olive, traditional dancing of Peloponnese and musical concerts of famous Greek singers and groups. Note that discussions and guided tours will also take place in the Olive Oil Museum that works in Sparta as well as photography and painting exhibitions.