Among the most important unknown sites

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In a recent article, CNN included the archaelogical site of Mycenae in mainland Greece among the 15 most important ancient sites that you might not know. Making reference to the German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann who excavated the site in the late 19th century, the author mentions that the Mycenaean empire was real and extremely influential in the ancient world. She continues that the site may be in ruins today, however the Lion Gate of the former palace dating from 1300BC and the beehive-shaped tombs are still studied and excavated.

As other important but not known ancient sites of the world, the article includes the Temple and Tomb of Confucius in China, the Palace of Diocletian in Split Croatia, Thebes in Egypt, the Roman sites in Arles and Nimes France, the ancient city of Jerash in Jordan, the birthplace of Buddha in Lumbini Nepal, the Roman town of Carthage in Tunisia and the capital of the Hittite Empire in Hattusha Turkey.