Monemvasia Archaeological Museum

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Location: Kastro Monemvasias
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The Archaeological Museum (former Muslim Mosque) of Monemvasia: The Archaeological Collection of Monemvasia is housed in the Muslim Mosque, one of the best-preserved buildings in the town of Monemvasia. The Muslim Mosque was built during the 16th century and during the Venetian times (1690-1713) it was converted into a Frankish church, a prison, and a Greek kafeneion. The museum opened to the public in 1999.

Today, the Archeological Museum displays a rich collection of findings that witness the long history of Monemvasia. These include remains of fortress, walls, temples, and houses. The permanent exhibition of the museum aims to present several archeological findings from the excavated sites of Monemvasia through a vast range of ceramic objects, sculptures, marble temples, and items used in daily life.



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