Museums in Monemvasia

In the beautiful town of Monemvasia, you can see a great number of ancient monuments scattered around the area. Peloponnese narrates silently its glorious historical past of many invasions and wars, culture and tradition. The fortified town of Monemvasia opens a window to its interesting Medieval history of Peloponnese.

Right opposite the church of Christ lies the 16th-century Turkish Mosque which today accommodates the Archaeological Collection of Monemvasia. The exhibits displayed witness the long history of the Castle Town and include parts of fortresses and many ceramic objects, sculptures and marble statues from the excavations that took place in the surrounded regions. This is the only museum that you can visit in Monemvasia.

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Archaeological Museum

Kastro Monemvasias
The Archaeological Museum of Monemvasia is housed in a Muslim mosque opposite the church of Christ Elkomenos, inside the Castle of Monemvasia. The building was constructed in the 16th century by the Turks. At first, it was a mosque, then a public building, a prison, a coffee shop and today it hosts the archaeological collection.

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