Monemvasia Church of Agia Sofia

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Location: Kastro Monemvasias

The Church of Agia Sofia in Monemvasia, Peloponnese: The Church of Agia Sofia is among the oldest and most important Byzantine churches in Greece. It stands on the highest point of Monemvasia and gives a great view to the Aegean Sea. This church was originally established in the 12th century by the Byzantine emperor Andronicus II and it was dedicated to Panagia Hodegetria, which means the Virgin who leads the way.

In the Venetian times, it was converted into a Catholic Convent. After the Greek Independence, it was dedicated to the Wisdom of God and was named Agia Sofia. Time and wars caused serious damage to the church and it was restored in the middle 20th century by Eustathios Stikas.



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