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Kyparissia General reviews
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Lovely seashore
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Category: Kyparissia General

We didn't stay to Kyparissia more than three hours so I can't talk for sure about the area. It looked nice for me and coming from north (from Ancient Olympia), we saw some really welcoming beaches on the way.

We went to Kyparissia last summer on a beautiful tour around Peloponnese and we can only tell about the nice beach and the beautiful cafeterias right above the beach. The square was almost empty in a hot August noon and all people were at the beach.

A short palm avenue led to the shore and at first you are impressed by the size of this lovely sandy coast. The water was fairly deep but clean. In the evening, it got a bit windy and had big waves. My kids got scared, they are still young to play with the waves, so the next hour we had a nice ice-cream at the open cafe right on the sand.

I read in your site that it has a Castle, but frankly we didn't see any strong castle. The only left from the castle is a tower on a hill above the town.


Fairs and festivals
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Category: Kyparissia General

I go to Kyparissia very frequently for the last 7 years. We have bought a summer house there and we usually visit once or twice a month. Guys, I am very happy to see that you have created a section about Kyparissia because I love this town. I think it is very nice and relaxing. Beaches are good and villages are nice for a stroll in the evening. The waterfront of Kyparissia has nice fish taverns, an organized camping and an aqualand. The authorities are building the port for many years now (mostly to serve cargo ships) and it hasn't finished yet. Events and fairs are organized in summer, such as a book fair in the beginning of September and an orka festival in early August. The locals produce mostly orka and watermelons.

vasia wrote on Apr 13, 2009

Orka festival is held in Armenioi village, usually the first or the second Saturday of August. People cook dishes with orka in the central square of the village and distribute them for free. Traditional dancing follows.

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rudolf wrote on Jul 14, 2009

I am in Kiparissia end of july and begining of august.Somebody nows the date of the Orka Festival 2009?thanks,r.kamla

vasia wrote on Jul 14, 2009

I must be on August 8th (Saturday) this year.

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Would be nice for a weekend
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Category: Kyparissia General

Unfortunately, we spent only a few hours in Kyparissia, as we were passing by this nice town to go to Pilos. Kyparissia is indeed a lovely town, with a great waterfront. Along the waterfront, the locals have planted some nice palm trees to give an exotic vibe to the town. The beach looked great, although we didn't swim. We just had a coffee in a cafeteria by the seaside and continued our way. This summer, we are thinking about going for a weekend excursion there. I think a weekend is enough to see just the town and the surroundings.


Just lovely
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Category: Kyparissia General

Kyparissia is one of the most beautiful towns in Greece for me. Every time I go, I feel the wonderful aura of this small town around me. Fortunately, I have relatives there and I go quiet often. There aren't many sightseeing to see on Kyparissia, except for the Castle, which is almost ruined today. As there are no buses, all trasportations in and around Kyparissia are done with taxis. So, take a taxi to go to the Castle because the road is going up and it will get too tiring for you. Once there, relax and enjoy the view. Take a coffee at hand and start walking down to the city centre again, passing through the windy, narrow streets of Ano Poli. Ano Poli is the traditional part of the town, with stone houses, paved roads and lovely parks.

The beach of Kyparissia is actually a long and sandy coast with many cafeterias along it and clean, deep waters. These cafeterias turn into beach bars at night and gather many young people. They don't close till early in the morning. Have in mind that there is also a waterpark at the north side of the beach, close to the camping area. As for the villages around Kyparissia, I believe the most picturesque is Vrises. It is set on top of a mountain and gives great views to the bay above. Its streets though are pretty rough and you will need trainers to walk.

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