Watermelon Festival

Jun 20, 2009 — Jun 21, 2009 • Category: Events
A WaterMelon Festival will be held in June 20-21 in the village Agrilos, between Kyparissia and Filiatra. The village, which is only 6 km far from Kyparissia, alike with the whole surrounding region, is a big producer of watermelons. That is why the Club of Friends of Agrilos has organized this Festival so celebrate the new watermelon harvest. This festival will last for two days and will take place in the Athletic Club of Agrilos village. The municipality and businesses related to watermelon will inform people on the production of this refreshing summer fruit. Also local folk clubs will present traditional dances and there will also be lectures, games, painting competitions, clown shows and theatrical performances. During the festival, all visitors will have the chance to try free watermelon.