Antiques Bazaar in the Old Town

Aug 07, 2009 — Aug 09, 2009 • Category: Events
An open air bazaar with old items and antiques is held for one more year in the Old Town of Kyparissia, Peloponnese. This bazaar, which is being organized since 2005 by the Municipality of Kyparissia and local authorities, is the biggest bazaar of antiques in Greece. This is the biggest cultural event of this beautiful seaside town and vendors not only from Kyparissia take place, but also from Athens, Patras, Kalamata and other towns. The Bazaar takes place along the Megalo Kalderimi (which means big path in Greek), the most picturesque corner of Kyparissia Old Town. This path is about 3 km long and 20 metres wide, so it is perfect for the organization of such an event. In the 25 stands of the bazaar, you can find all kinds of antiques from decades ago. The bazaar is open from 10 in the morning till midnight.