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Ancient Epidaurus: Epidaurus is a modern town about 3 hours drive from Athens. It belongs to Argolida area and it is situated on the eastern part of Peloponnese, 29 km from Nafplion. Epidaurus lies in a peaceful area amidst lush green forests and is strongly related to mythology and the sanctuary of Asklepios, the god of healing and son of Apollo. The sanctuary of Asklepios was the most important healing centre back in the ancient times.

Epidaurus counts on some other characteristic monuments that also make it very unique. One of them is the Ancient Theatre, a monument whose magnificence remains until today. Just like the Asklepieion, the theatre owes part of its splendor to the Romans, since during their domination it received 21 more rows in addition to the 34 that already had.

Another advantage of this place is its acoustics, to the point that the voices of the actors do not need to be amplified, in spite of the capacity of 15,000 spectators. No matter the location within the amphitheatre, all spectators can hear the play perfectly.

Apart from the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, there is also another theatre in the area, the Epidaurus Little Theatre, which was is also used today to host musical and theatrical performances. Epidaurus is also gifted with a unique natural beauty and for this reason it is worth visiting the surrounding villages.

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