Museums in Epidaurus

Epidaurus is one of the most important places in Greece, with a strong archaeological legacy and cultural heritage. It is famous from the antiquity for the numerous ancient constructions, the presence of ancient sites and its famous ancient theater, unique in the whole world. In close distance to this worldwide monument and the sanctuary of Asklepius lies the Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus.

The museum hosts a lavish collection of ancient findings that cane to light during the excavations. Among the exhibits that are displayed in this great museum are the building inscriptions and hymns many of them related to the sanctuary of Asclepius, the most important sanctuary in ancient Greece. In other exhibit rooms, you can see columns of the temple and other architectural parts and Roman sculptures.

The museum is divided into three rooms and the first one hosts a large group of ancient medical instruments that are related to the sanctuary of Asklepius. The second room is filled with statues and colonnades of the sanctuary. Finally, the third room is dedicated to some temple parts including this of Artemis and its pillars. Fossils that were found in Epidaurus are also a fascinating exhibit that you can see at the museum along with some ceramics, pottery and other small items.