Museum for the First National Assembly

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The building of the old primary school of Epidaurus that hosted in December 1821 the works of the First National Assembly of the Greeks will turn into a museum, after the decision of the Hellenic Parliament which will also finance this project. This First National Assembly took place few months after the declaration of the Greek Independence against the Ottomans, in March 1821. The works of the Assembly started in December 1821 and led to the adoption of the first Greek Constitution, the Provisionary Constitution of Greece, on January 1st, 1822. The museum in the village of Nea Epidaurus will host and present the historical material and archives of the Assembly, while the building will be renovated and the surrounding region will be accordingly shaped. The president of the Hellenic Parliament stressed that the aim of this museum is to save the national historical memory and remind to younger generations the sacrifices needed for the conquest of democracy and freedom.