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Palia Epidaurus Beach Epidaurus: Palea Epidaurus is a coastline town, whose main attraction is the theatre located nearby. Its closest beach is called Gialasi, with an extension of just 1 km. To get there it takes just a 10-minutes walk through a downhill.

Although some areas on this beach are shingled, it is fine and inoffensive.It is a picturesque beach, delimited by lush green pine trees. As an interesting detail, it has a mini-market and two restaurants nearby.

The pine-trees surround them and hide them from the sight of travellers until they are really close. These facilities offer you the opportunity to have lunch on the beach, while enjoying the excellent view of the clean waters and the peace of this place.

Apart from being a comfortable beach with certain facilities, it follows the general vibe of the place, which is mainly unspoiled and not very modified by civilisation along time. Moreover, and unlike some modern resort villages, Palea Epidaurus beach keeps the same natural environment as several centuries ago, which allows the tourist to get in close contact with the past scenarios of the place.

In order to free your mind and also keep on enjoying the untouched Palea Epidaurus, the beach usually becomes the best place to go after a day of ruins exploration. It is also worth pointing out that these ancient ruins are in a good state of conservation allowing appreciating them better.

Some of these ruins are the healing centre of Asklepios also used as a sanctuary. This is where the ill went in order to find the cure by a revelation of this healing god, which was expected to appear in their dreams. The fact that Epidaurus is related to healing and good health is due in part to the calming atmosphere and the picturesque landscape and monuments one is able to enjoy relaxing body and mind. Aphrodite, Hera, and Artemis are other deities that also count on their worship centres.

Another interesting place that can give useful information about the rich history and tradition of Palea (or ancient) Epidaurus is the museum. It counts on revealing inscriptions related to the cult of Asklepios, as well as many fossils and reconstructions.

Taking all these into account, we can conclude that Palea Epidaurus beach is the ideal complement for this town, full of historical places. First of all, it matches the antique vibe in Palea Epidaurus giving at the same time a touch of freedom and the necessary contact with nature to the trip. Therefore, Palea Epidaurus beach deserves to be taken into account when planning the day, as it is the perfect end for a walk around with no hurries.

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