Results of photo contest 2009

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The results of the second Greeka photo contest were announced a few days ago! The photo contest 2009 last for exactly 1 year, from November 1st 2008, when the first contest finished, till October 31st, 2009, and it received even bigger participation than the previous. Our members uploaded about 18,000 pictures, most of which were of high quality. Our judges did a hard work to evaluate every single photo and to choose the top 50. The results were finally announced around Christmas and they can be seen at The first three winners were awarded free holidays in the amazing Greek islands of Santorini, Mykonos and Paros. Mykonos San Marco Hotel, Santorini Remezzo Villas and Paros Agnanti Holiday Resort offered 4 nights to the first three winners and Blue Star Ferries kindly provided the ferry tickets. The 4th and 5th best photos were awarded a Nikon camera and a big calendar of famous photographer George Meis. The rest 45 winners won a normal George Meis calendar. As this photo contest is almost getting a tradition for, a third photo contest will be organized for 2010. Members who upload pictures will have to tick the special box if they want their pictures to participate in the contest. As usual, the theme is Greece and the Greek islands. After all, the love for Greece is what keeps this wonderful community of Greeka so united and fun! The prizes for the 2010 contest will be announced soon. Congatulations to the winners and keep taking good pictures!