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Posted by Greeka on 09 Jan 2012

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The top 100 photos of the Greeka Photo Contest 2011 have been selected!

Log in in your account and vote for your best 20 among them. Of course, candidates can't vote for their own pictures.

This is the first step of the members voting procedure. A second step will follow with the top 25 photos that will result from your votes.

The deadline for this voting is on January 15th, 2012.

Restriction: You are not allowed to participate in the voting if you have uploaded less than 5 pictures in Greeka till November 15th, 2011.

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royal wrote on Jan 09, 2012


Though I'm not eligible to vote, is it possible just to see the 100 chosen?

greeka wrote on Jan 09, 2012

if you can't vote, then unfortunately you can't even see the photos

designmama wrote on Jan 09, 2012

great selected pictures!!!! hard to choose 20!
waiting for next step top 25!!!!
(I found 97 pictures for voting... where are the other 3?)

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kingcreole wrote on Jan 09, 2012

Hi, maybe I missed some info ? otherwise it is too late to inform now that at least 5 photos had to be submitted in order to follow the contest - for example just see the finalists.
kind regards

marcorossi wrote on Jan 09, 2012

Hi, I voted my 20 top-chosen, but I saw only 97 photos....why ?
thank you very much !

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oioigeeza wrote on Jan 09, 2012

shame been voting and would like to have followed through voting some great photos in there

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nikegaz wrote on Jan 09, 2012

What? I can't vote because I did not enter 5 pics until November? I don't think I was informed about this rule. Next time please be more communicative about the rules of the contest. Thanks!

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margie wrote on Jan 09, 2012

I did send in more than 5 photos, but can't find the 100 photos so I can vote

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mpamplin wrote on Jan 09, 2012

I agree with nikegaz. I didn't know that I had to submit 5 photos in order to vote. I just submitted my favourite one. I'd like to be able to see the top 100 anyway, especially since I have been following the contest with interest. Next year - why bother!

emani wrote on Jan 10, 2012

great photos...good luck everyone.

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pattiwd wrote on Jan 10, 2012

If only I had known of the 5 picture rule, I had lots more I could have submitted and then I could see the top 100 photos and voted! Please make the rules clearer. Thank you.

markedwards wrote on Jan 10, 2012

I dont remember being told that I had to enter more than 5 pictures, which is why I only entered 3, and dont think its fair to tell us now, when its too late to do anything about it. Now I cant even view the top 100 because of this, its crazy. Next year make the rules clear from the start so we can all participate fairly please?

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poomba81 wrote on Jan 10, 2012

Gee wiz half of the top 100 chosen are pretty dam average...hard to believe the contest is legitimate.

mdgib7 wrote on Jan 10, 2012

THere are some very nice ones but overall i think ther were better ones last year that should have made it .I love the one from the man who always is in a dark mood but this one was so nice !

dannyb wrote on Jan 10, 2012

I agree. We are allowed to choose 25 pics but I could hardly find 12 to vote for...

dannyb wrote on Jan 10, 2012

correction: 20 pics

marchello wrote on Jan 10, 2012

Last year I did not have the option to vote,so that I do not know what was the selection.Given the photos that I have followed over the year or otherwise, at least most of the photos I've seen.I think it has quite a few that deserve to be among the 100 or maybe even during the 25.Not to mention some of them are very beautiful but in some actually do not represent a Greek.I know that many things into account when estimating it.I might still give priority to those which indeed see and recognize the beauty of Greece.But anyway this is just my opinion.

greeka wrote on Jan 10, 2012

Many comments! Well, I can't say anything about the quality of the photos (some like the winning photos and some not), but let me make few things clear because obviously there were some misunderstandings:
1. Either you can vote or not, in this link you can see all winning photos.
This is for people who ask whether their photo has been selected or not, as they couldn't vote and thus they couldn't see the winning photos.
2. The winning photos are indeed 97, as some members have noticed, and not 100, because this is the number of photos that came out from the selection of the jury.
3. There was a last-minute restriction in the contest that didn't allow some members to vote. This is because few members make 2 or 3 or more FAKE accounts so that they can vote many times. Every year, we may take such restrictions if necessary to protect the contest from bad users. Many people misunderstood this restriction, but this doesn't mean that a member who has uploaded less than 5 photos last year doesn't participate in the contest, it just means that he can't vote for the winning photos. This DOESN'T AFFECT his participation at all because in any way, he couldn't vote for his own photos.
Hope all misunderstandings are clear now!

hchcyoon wrote on Jan 10, 2012

It was my honor even to have a chance to vote. I cannot imagine how difficult would have been for jury to pic 97 pics out of million photos.
Being able to see the all winning photos will greatly help people for next year contest. Great Idea.
Good luck for all participants.

kimbopen wrote on Jan 11, 2012

Thank you for the opportunity to vote, and participate in this wonderful contest. I am pretty sure one of my photos was included in the top 97 (as there was one that I couldn't vote for), so that's something I feel pretty good about!

calypso wrote on Jan 11, 2012

The contest by itself is absolutely great as well as many of member`s photos I `ve seen in the last months here but I agree with opinion above that some of selected for voting pictures don`t represent Greece - they simply could by taken anywhere else.

kimbopen wrote on Jan 12, 2012

calypso, I was thinking the same thing when I was voting. I attempted to vote for photos that I thought were representative of Greece (a couple of my choices MAY not necessarily have met that self-imposed criteria though!) as that's what I think this competition (and site) is essentially promoting.

aromantic2 wrote on Jan 12, 2012

Some beautiful photos, y'all!
Although I voted for 20, there were a few that were more outstanding in my opinion. Composition, color and scenes representing what I saw on my visits to Greece, got my votes. Thank you!

stefan wrote on Jan 13, 2012

I agree ,calypso,kimbopen and aromantic2.

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lauren65 wrote on Jan 13, 2012

Hello there,

Im quite new to all this. It seems I only received some of the photos in the competition, I think there was about 25 on the page. So, I just selected about 6 as I thought there would be more pages I could go to so I could select the other 14. But, once I'd selected them it just said that was it. So, I didnt even get the chance to see the final 97 or see if any of mine had been chosen ( I sincerely doubt it, but hey you never know).
Im sure it was me not following the instructions properly!!!! Is there any chance of starting again???
If anyone could let me know that would be great. Anyway, great website and great idea having the comp.
Btw I disagree with some of the other comments, i think the photos are amazing.......maybe thats just cause Im a bit of an amateur.
Look forward to hearing from someone.


greeka wrote on Jan 13, 2012

Hello Lauren, I have sent you an email!

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russellsnr wrote on Jan 16, 2012

Hi, As I stated in the forum on the day that the final photos where put up to vote, there where only 97 yet towards the end of December we where informed that due to the amazing amount of entries (up on 2010) voting would be delayed, then only the 97 photos are put up then the rules where change Quote:- "There was a last-minute restriction in the contest". Sorry but rules are rules and are ment to be followed by all and not changed at any time during any competition once entries have been received.

greeka wrote on Jan 17, 2012

Hello, I don't understand your protest. As stated above, the restrictions were made to protect the contest and not upset it. Do you think it would be fare if some members could create fake accounts just to vote for their own photos? anyway, we have seen this happening in previous years which is why we set such restrictions to prevent bad uses. As I have said many times, this doesn't affect the participations: even if you have uploaded 1 photo, your participation is still valid! you just can't vote, which is no problem because either way you couldn't vote for your own photo!!!!

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