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Here is our section with interviews. In order to present interesting themes and various aspects of the Greek culture, we have taken interviews from various people and professionals: from foreigners who have lived and worked in Greece for many years and managers of alternative holiday venues or museums, to American film producers who have set their movie in Greece.

Do you know someone who is worth a presentation through our interviews section? Have you launched something special related to Greece? Feel free to contact us and tell us your ideas.

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An exciting Novel set in Naxos

Greece Posted on Sep 20, 2017 | Category:Interviews

Franco Rampazzo is an Italian professor of Mathematical Analysis that launched his first book a few months ago. This novel has the title “Nasso” which is the Italian name for the famous Greek Island of Naxos. The plot is very interesting since it combines elements of WW2 history, music and natural images deriving from various Cycladic landscapes. Rampazzo not only fell in love with Naxos when he first visited it, but he was inspired so much by its beauty that wrote this book too.

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Ali Boyle: a Greece enthusiast opens up

Greece Posted on Jan 05, 2017 | Category:Interviews

Ali Boyle, one of Greeka’s top members for many years now, has given us a lovely interview about photography, his inspirations and his love of Greece. An Englishman who fell for the Cycladic beauty of Paros, he is a frequent visitor of the island, where he also retains two villas to rent.

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Colorific Greece: a journey through colors

Greece Posted on Dec 07, 2016 | Category:Interviews

Miltos Kormpoglou has already published two books inspired by his greatest loves, Greece and photography. The latest one, “Colorific Greece” was published recently by Asteropi Publications and has already caused a sensation both in Greece and abroad.

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Ruins of glorious sites in an ebook

Greece Posted on Apr 22, 2015 | Category:Interviews

Triantafyllos Lazarides needed two years of research to complete his book Archaeological sites in Greece- Ruins of a glorious era and talked to about the entire process.

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