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Greeka News

Meet Benji in Samos this spring

• Greece
Allan Broadhead, or else benji as is his Greeka nickname, has taken a very nice initiative: to meet with other members of Greeka this year on his holidays.
Posted on Jan 24, 2011 Category: Greeka News

Results of Photo Contest 2010

• Greece
Good news for all our members and particularly for the participants of our photo contest: the winners of Greeka Photo Contest 2010 have been announced.
Posted on Jan 07, 2011 Category: Greeka News

Congratulations Greeka Team

• Greece has reached 10,000 members!
Posted on Oct 27, 2010 Category: Greeka News

New section about Thessaloniki

• Greece
Continuing the long effort to expand its site and to give new options to its visitors, has prepared a new section about Thessaloniki.
Posted on Nov 04, 2009 Category: Greeka News

New section about famous Greeks

• Greece presents a brand new section related to the history and culture of Greece: the biography of famous Greek people.
Posted on Sep 01, 2009 Category: Greeka News

Panoramic photos of Sifnos

• Greece
We are happy to inform you that we have updated the portal of Sifnos island and have included panoramic (360) pictures to present better this beautiful Cycladic island.
Posted on May 20, 2009 Category: Greeka News

New Tours to Greece and Turkey

• Greece
Two new tours have been recently added in our Island Hopping section. These three-week tours include interesting places in Turkey, mainland Greece and some Greek islands.
Posted on Apr 02, 2009 Category: Greeka News

Results of Greeka Photo Contest

• Greece
The results of the first Greeka photo contest have been announced. Our judges eveluated more than 12,000 photos and chose the top fifty.
Posted on Dec 02, 2008 Category: Greeka News

Around Greece and the Greek Islands in 2 weeks

• Greece
A special tour for those who are tired of tours... Cooking in Plaka, sightseeing in Olympia and Corinth, Nafplion, Mycenae and extracting wine in Delphi, only before dipping in the blue Aegean and experience the Cycladic Islands in its best. Just two weeks in Greece.
Posted on May 13, 2008 Category: Greeka News

Photo Contest by Greeka

• Greece
Greeka is organizing its first photo contest! In the thought it will be fun for us and for future visitors to Greece to see some members’ pictures.
Posted on Apr 22, 2008 Category: Greeka News