Think Glass Photo Contest

• Category: News
Think Glass organizes a photo contest for the environment and the glass package in our life. The topic of the contest is Glass in our life and the environment. The categories are: - our relationship with glass in the daily life - the purity of glass - brands we love in glass packages - recycling and the protection of the environment with glass - other category/ free The participants can submit works in more than one categories. The three top works will be awarded Terms of Participation 1. Everyone is free to join the contest, as long as there isn't a direct or indirect relationship with the website Think Glass. 2. Each participant can submit up to 3 works. 3. The works will be evaluated by three judges (1 professional photographer, 1 painter and 1 person from media). 4. Works must be submitted by December 31st, 2008. 5. Works may be submitted electronically at, mentioning your name, address and telephone. Photos should be in JPG form and in high revolution (up to 10 MB in total). 6. Results will be published in the website in January 2009. The first three winners will receive the following, or equal, prizes: a digital camera Nikon SRL for the 1st winner, an Olympus digital camera for the 2nd winner and a Kodak digital camera for the 3rd winner. 7. The photos submitted may be used for advertisements, promotion or they may be printed, but the creator always has the copyright.