The Greek National Holiday of October 28th

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Tomorrow, October 28th, is an important day for Greece: it is a National Holiday, celebrated to commemorate the victory of the Greek army over the Italian forces in the Second World War. On October 28, 1940, Italy declared war to Greece, after Greece denied to join the Axis forces in the Second World War. Then, the  Italians attacked our country by land, through the borders of Greece with Albania. However, the Greek soldiers fought with bravery over the suppreme Italian army, who was much better equiped in weapons but lacked the flame of the Greeks, who defended their families and homes. In fact, the Greek army not only blocked the Italian invasion but marched with glorious victories in the mainland of Albania, gaining more and more territories. Unfortunately, Greece gave in to the enemies in April 1941, when the German Nazi forces entered Greece from Bulgary. The tired Greek army could not fight in two different lines and eventually the country went under the German occupation. However, the bravery that the Greek army showed in defending our country is commemorated till today as one of the most admirable tasks in the modern Greek history. The day when the entire Greek people decided to fight for their country and not submit to the enemies is celebrated in splendour in all Greek towns and villages with a Mass and a parade in the central streets. Students, army forces, police officers and veteran sodliers take place in this parade while military marches are heard and people hag the Greek flag on their balconies.