Suffering for ferry passengers

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The 212 passengers of F/B Marina of GA Ferries lived an exhaustive adventure this weekend, when their ferry was tied up in the port of Samos island on Saturday night. The ferry had just left Vathi, the capital of Samos, when the captain noticed a mechanical problem and returned to the port of Vathi. The passengers spent all Saturday night there, waiting for Ialysos Ferry, which was running the route from Chios to Piraeus, to pick them up in the early hours of Sunday. However, the passengers of Ialysos complained about the route change and finally the ferry continued to Piraeus, without making a stop in Samos. The passangers of F/B Marina spent the night on board and on Sunday morning the Highspeed Nissos Mykonos picked them up. However, their trouble was not over, as Nissos Mykonos tranferred them only till Naxos, where another boat of GA Ferries, F/B Rodanthi, finally transferred them to Piraeus today (Monday) in the early hours. After more than 24 hours of tiredness and traveling, the 212 passengers finally reached their destination.