Roman villa and bath excavated in Loutraki

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A luxurious Roman villa and a bath complex of large dimensions were recently excavated in the location Katounistra in Loutraki. These important findings, and some others that had been excavated in the past, testify the importance of the Corinth Canal in the antiquity and the development of thermalism in the region.

As archaeologists say, the villa was in use during the 6th century AD. In fact, the region of the Corinth Canal was very developed in the early Christian times and constituted an important commercial and urban centre. It is also believed that the bath complex did not belong to the villa, but it was widely used by the general public, which shows the development of thermalism in the region of Loutraki in the ancient times.

The announcement for these excavations was made during an event for the end of the excavational period 2013 in the region. The intention is that, after the completion of the excavations, an archaeological site open for visit will be formed.