Restoration of Fortress in Porto Germeno

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The Central Archaeological Board of Greece voted few days ago for the total erection of the ancient fortress of Aegosthena (modern Porto Germeno), on the western side of Attica. This fortress is found at the entrance of the village and a large part has been ruined due to time and weather. However, erection works recently started under the supervision of a civil engineer for identifying the stones that have fallen on the earth and spotting their position on the monument. This erection will also protect the fortress from future extreme weather conditions. A roof alone will also protect the fortress from earthquakes and rain waters that have caused damages many times in the past.

Dating from the 4th-3rd century BC, the fortress of Aegosthena was constructed in a strategic point for that time. Along centuries, it fell under the occupation of Megara, Athens, the Achaic Sympoliteia and the Koenon (Federation) of the Boeotians. On the northern side of the fortress, there are the ruins of a 5th century basilica with mosaic on the floor. At the castle top, there are few monastery cells dating from the Medieval times and a small chapel of Agios Georgios that works till today.