Nobel Peace Prize for two Greek scientists

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Christos Zerefos, scientist, president of the National Observatory of Athens and regular member of the Athens Academy, as well as his reputable colleague and friend Mr Alkiviadis Baes, professor in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, own since a few days the Nobel Peace Prize. They are the first Greeks to be awarded by this utmost honor.
What does it matter if they share the prize with 45 other well-known scientists from all over the world! The honor, so says Mr. Zerefos, is huge. "I felt honored to be chosen among the candidates and ten days ago I received the Participation Diploma to the Nobel Peace Prize 2007", says Mr.Zerefos. “My joy is double because a close colleague of mine and my successor for the Laboratory of Atmosphere Physics, Alkiviadis Baes, is awarded with me". he added. “He is also deeply touched, but still too retiring to announce his discrimination. However, it is justification, especially for Greece that has a... misfortune for environmental issues".
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the United Nations was awarded along with the former Vice-Chancellor of USA, Al Gore, by the Nobel Peace Prize 2007. Fairly, the president of IPCC Dr. Passaouri decided to "ration" the discrimination to the scientists, who more than anybody caused the prize nomination for IPCC. The findings of the Panel have showed the actual size of the planet's overheating problem and they now constitute the main index for the politics on the climate changes.