Minoan frescoes found in Israel

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Scientists from the University of Haifa, excavating at the city of Tel Kabri, discovered Minoan frescos in a land as far as Israel! The frescos ressemble a lot to the Minoan frescoes that have been found in Knossos Crete and Akrotiri Santorini and they are at least 3,600 years old, dating from the period when the Aegean and Minoan civilizations were flourishing. These discoveries definitely show a strong connection between the civilizations of the Aegean and the Middle East. According to Dr Yasur-Landau, this shows a conscious choice of the leaders of Canaan, who wanted to follow the Mediterranean culture, instead of the Syrian and the Middle-East culture. He states that people of Canaan lived in eastern Mediterranean, and therefore, they wanted to consider themselves westerners. These newly-discovered frescos are painted mostly in blue in order to match with the Mediterranean sea colors. In fact, Tel Kabri is a special place for archaeologists because this is the only city that was not rebuilt, once it was destroyed. Therefore, this is the only city of Canaan that can be entirely excavated. Excavations in Tel Kabri started in 1986 and continute till today by George Washington University of the USA.