Healthier is the Greek breakfast

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An initiative for the institution of the Greek breakfast in all the hotels in Greece is taken by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, as announced in the event Kalimera with taste of the 42nd exhibition of Xenia. The aim of the Chamber is to rise the Greek gastronomy as one of the most decisive and representative ambassadors of the Greek tourism. "Why should we serve foreign tourists croissants and bacon for breakfast in the Greek hotels? We can suggest Greek products and institute the Greek breakfast, as we did with moussaka, Greek salad and tzatziki", says the chef Giorgos Venieris. "Tourists are used to the English breakfast with the fried eggs and bacon, while in Greece we have strapatsada (fried eggs with tomatoes) and plenty of Greek cheese that are tastier than gouda. In the Greek breakfast, we can serve eggs with cheese, feta, tomatoes, spinach pie, olives and sour milk", suggests another chef, Alexandros Kardasis, who also supports this effort. "All over the world, there is a turn to healthy nutrition. Therefore, a breakfast with olive oil, tomato, sour milk, Greek cheese and honey is much more nutritious and healthier than the English breakfast with sausages, bacon and croissants", he adds. "We are not famous for our breakfast and there are tourists who insist on bacon and omelets. For them, the Greek breakfast is too poor. Our traditional products, like frumenty, is full of complex carbohydrates. We can serve sweet frumenty with milk or sour frumenty with rusks and tomatoes. Also we can combine imagination and tradition, serving for example rice pudding with mastic instead of vanilla", says Mr Venieris. The dietitian Haris Dimosthenopoulos agrees with these suggestions and confirms that the English breakfast is rich in energy, but equally rich in cholesterol, salt and sugar, while the Greek breakfast overtops on nutritional value.