Greek islands at risk due to new construction laws

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The lovely and sparsely-populated Greek islands that we knew so far are facing a great danger: the Greek government is trying to redraw the present planning regulations, opening the way to construction companies to built many more summer houses on the coastlines of the Greek islands. This will certainly raise a lot of problems as the islands will not only lose their traditional and picturesque character, but problems will also come up concerning their fragile environement and infrastructure. Do not forget that almost all the Greek islands do not have an adequate water supply or good sewage systems. The tourists that come in summer bring the natural environment of the islands to its limits, imagine how much worse the situation may be with the construction of much more summer houses. The strange thing is that the Greek media haven't referred a lot to this theme. The opposition party says that this subjtect should not be silenced, but instead it must be discussed in Parliament. The environmentalists alert that Greece will face the same problem as Spain did, which filled its coasts with summer houses and hotels that know remain worthless and spoil the picturesqueness of the resort. The Greek local authorities and the hotel onwers have joined the battle against this government proposal and they are determined to protect their home and their interests.