Greece: The Caribbean of the Mediterranean

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The first plans for the configuration of Diving Parks started by the initiative of Ministry of Aegean. The small islands of the Aegean were the first to be interested, intending to the prolongation of the tourist season. Two very interesting ancient shipwrecks are in the bottom of Sapientza island in Methoni, Peloponnese, including sarcophagi, as well as columns from a structure built by Erodes in Caesarea of Palestine. Greece has extraordinary seas and the diving experience in one of them is really worth it. 
The ichthyologist – biologist Konstantinos Koutsis, who is also vice-president and manager of the Diving Parks Society Scientific Issues, believes that “in the next decade Greece can be the Caribbean of the Mediterranean”. The creation of Diving Parks will help the small islands develop their infrastructure and economy and protect their sea wealth, helping in its recast.